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MUFG Alt Insider Regulatory Round-Up

Explore the latest insights in our Quarterly Regulatory Round-Up, featuring key developments from the US, EU, and UK regulatory landscapes.

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      • over the shoulder view of asian woman holding smartphone, analyzing investment trading data on crypto graph with smartphone and laptop while working at home. cryptocurrency, bitcoin, digital ledger

        Embracing the Rise of Hybrid Investment Strategies: Navigating the New Era of Financial Diversification

      • tokyo skyline

        MUFG Investor Services Expands Securities Lending Services in Japan

      • stock market and trading concept, digital graph

        Breaking Boundaries: Unveiling MUFG Investor Services’ Strategic Leap into Payments

      • a close up of a financial chart on a computer screen with bokeh lights in the background, representing business analytics business concept, bokeh generative ai

        Looking Back at 2023 and Looking Ahead at 2024: Hedge Funds

      • technology and financial advisory services concept. business teamwork and working on digital laptop computer with advisor showing plan of investment to clients at table office. digital marketing.

        Compensation Trends and Regulatory Changes Impacting Human Capital Policies

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