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A logo can tell you a lot about a company, but never the whole story. Take us. Yes, we offer the typical benefits of a global financial services group.  But it’s how we exceed expectations that defines us. Like the way we embrace flexible hybrid working, or our truly next-level learning and development programs, and our refreshingly open culture of innovation and accessible leadership. It’s a career like no other, at a place like nowhere else.

Brilliantly Different defines what’s important to us — open leadership, career development, innovation, and well-being. To best serve our clients, we know that caring for our people is paramount.

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What It Means to Be Brilliantly Different

We know that happy and healthy employees lead to more engaged employees. This is why employee wellbeing, work-life balance and professional growth are key to our benefits philosophy. So, in addition to a competitive salary, we offer our employees a brilliantly different offering to support their career growth, well-being, social and financial security.

We are inclusive and aim to cultivate a true sense of belonging for everyone by celebrating the diversity of people, thought and perspectives that make our team and workplace Brilliantly Different.

We are passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion and recognize that everyone has something unique to bring to the table. We know the more diverse our teams are, the more effective they are when everyone respects the value in the differences. Our teams are made up of different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, generations, languages, orientations, and more. All of these bring different perspectives, experiences, and expectations. Committed to driving real change, we prioritize raising awareness of important challenges by hosting educational events and delivering bespoke training.

We imagine differently and love new ideas and innovation. In this era of digital transformation, we recognize to reach our full potential, we must change the way we work. Whether its leveraging automation, or seeking ways to continuously improve solutions, we’ve cultivated a safe space for people to foster, build, scale and innovate. We look to lead our teams into reimagining their work, creating a mindset shift towards the ‘art of the possible,’ and we support them in making that a reality. We’ll give you a seat at the table, voice in the room, and space to try new things.

We care about each other’s well-being and love having happy and healthy employees. We strive to create a positive work environment for all our employees as we believe that when employees feel valued, supported and cared for, they also perform at their best, both personally and professionally. Our well-being programs include physical, mental and emotional health, and through our comprehensive well-being initiatives, we create an environment where employees can thrive, encouraging everyone to speak freely about how they are feeling. We proudly provide every employee with 24/7 tools to support mental health and reinforce our culture of openness.

We blend remote and in-office working to strike a balance. A balance that ensures delivery for our clients, supports our teammates and helps everyone to achieve a sense of belonging. We’ll give you supportive, social team spirit that shines at home or in the office.

We have transparent leadership and love open, honest conversations. Our leadership team serve as ambassadors and champions of our people. Our leaders are authentic, informal, and accessible, welcoming feedback and challenging individuals to explore their innovating, problem-solving ideas. We’re committed to accelerating personal development and nurturing talent to make your career with us Brilliantly Different.

Elevate, Aspire, Accelerate, Insights, Academies – all great words, but it is what these programs are made up of that take learning to the next level. Engage in interactive workshops, peer learning, e-learning, coaching by senior leaders, and in-depth technical training to empower you with the knowledge, expertise, and skillset you need for each stage of your career. So, whatever your learning style, no matter what part of the business you work in, you are supported, encouraged, and rewarded for nurturing a growth mindset and investing in your learning. 

mufg aspire icon@2x Aspire

Designed to support the shift from individual contribution to people manager and team leader.

mufg elevate icon@2x Elevate

Aimed at those in the early stages of their career to develop curious, emotionally intelligent, agile, continually developing professionals.

mufg accelerate icon@2x Accelerate

For more seasoned managers, this program is designed to enhance and strengthen management and leadership capabilities.

mufg coaching icon@2x Coaching

Available company wide as an enrichment opportunity for development and growth at all stages of your life.

mufg insights icon@2x Insights

Valuable personal awareness and communication tool which can help people understand themselves, understand others, and enhance the relationships.

mufg academy icon@2x The Academy

You choose when, we provide the platform. A comprehensive learning experience for everyone, whatever the topic.

Our Values

We are Brilliantly Different because of our values.

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Trust is ingrained into our culture and is demonstrated by allowing individual choice through hybrid working, trusting employees to deliver their best for clients, and supporting open conversations on well-being, we reflect trust in all our relationships.

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Challenge & Empowerment

We firmly believe in respect for each other and the importance of continuously creating a safe place to speak up about how we feel and challenge the status quo. We see empowerment as a means for development of our people, helping them be courageous and confident in the decisions they make. 

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Openness & Honesty

We speak our truth openly and respectfully, providing a sense of belonging, safety, and respect for everyone. 

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Partnership with Clients

Partnering with our clients is at the heart of everything we do. Listening and understanding their needs so we can deliver an exceptional client experience. 

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