Sovereign Wealth Entities

Focus on serving your
country’s economy and people

As the volume of assets under management grows in sovereign wealth funds, we provide the critical operational support needed to maximize returns and expand your portfolio to create strong future growth.

A partnership built around you

Our integrated suite of scalable tools and systems are tailored to meet your unique needs—whether you invest in real estate, stocks, bonds or alternatives. Our automated trade capturing, reconciliation, reporting and distribution tools streamline your processes, simplify your operations and help resolve your most difficult challenges.

Our investment in digital technology—tailored to your assets—ensures  accuracy and rapid response, freeing your teams to work with our experts and focus on service, analysis and bespoke solutions to meet your needs.

As your partner, we give you the flexibility to ensure the seamless execution of your sovereign wealth fund strategies, enabling you to diversify your portfolio strategies and achieve your most important goal: Serving your country’s economy and people.

Clients & Partners

We partner with the largest public and private funds in the world.

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