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Fund managers face significant challenges in maintaining operational integrity while managing complex, diverse fund and project structures that require scalable, integrated solutions to deliver critical, time-sensitive support efficiently.

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Our integrated suite of scalable solutions provides the operational integrity you need to administer a wide range of infrastructure fund and project structures, delivering the critical, time-sensitive support you need. Our  systems integrate with your accounting and reporting platforms—flexibility that it critical whether your focus is  core or higher risk assets, or if you target investments in one country or across multiple borders and regulatory jurisdictions.

Our cutting-edge tools aggregate, validate and distribute data throughout the subscription, trading, distribution and reporting process to significantly improve system performance and simplify complexity while reducing risk.

Tap into our solutions to simplify and streamline your operational processes, increase efficiencies and mitigate risks, so you can focus on your primary goal: Generating returns.

Our Private Markets Solutions

Learn how we unlock exceptional value and opportunity for our private market clients with our innovative suite of solutions that offer far beyond just asset servicing.

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Clients & Partners

We partner with the largest public and private funds in the world.

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