Foreign Exchange Overlay

A hedging solution that reduces risk and cost

The shifting dynamics of the global financial services marketplace means that investors need fully automated, passive hedging solutions that simplify complexity, enhance transparency and reduce risk and cost. Our FX Overlay solution offers clients a comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective currency overlay hedging solution that simplifies hedging challenges.

Our integrated platform mitigates risks related to FX exposures within a portfolio or hedged share classes. This scalable, cloud-based system enables you to tailor every aspect of your FX overlay program through the lifecycle of a hedge, including hedge ratios, hedge frequency, NAV triggers, tenors and execution methodology.

Core services include:

  • Share class hedging
  • Portfolio hedging
  • Lookthrough hedging
  • Index tracking

Our Clients & Partners

We orchestrate scalable and flexible solutions across the entire investment value chain, so you can focus on growth.

fx overlay

A Fully Automated FX Hedging Solution

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