Investment Managers

Focus on maximizing
returns and driving growth

As the pace of change in the financial services industry accelerates, investment managers continually are being challenged in new ways.

A partnership built around you

Our comprehensive suite of services offers scalable solutions to help you improve performance and efficiency for fund of funds, hedge funds, infrastructure, mutual funds, private debt and equity, real assets and venture capital.

Tap into our expert finance and accounting teams for a wide range of flexible, customized post-trade services, including trade capture and processing, cash management, reconciliation and timely reporting.

Our digital operating environment provides reliable access to data, analytics and documentation, giving you the transparency that investors demand. And you can rely on our cutting-edge technology, improved data connectivity and global service centers to provide the support needed to identify, diagnose and resolve problems quickly.

As your operational partner, we see our role as simplifying complexity and improving efficiency, while reducing cost and risk. We want you to focus on your primary goal: Making the right choices to maximize returns and drive growth.

Clients & Partners

We partner with the largest public and private funds in the world.

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