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MUFG Investor Services Response to COVID-19

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As a firm, we are continuing to monitor the situation about the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact that it is having on global travel, the financial markets and the health of those who have contracted the virus. Internally, we have implemented several precautionary measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff across all locations. These include travel advisories; specifically, we have banned all international travel as well as non-essential travel within a country until further notice. 

While the impact of COVID-19 varies in different locations, MUFG Investor Services has acted in accordance with local regulatory advisories to ensure the highest levels of care and precaution. We have been monitoring the situation in various parts of the world as the outbreak unfolds, and precautionary measures will be implemented accordingly for our regional offices.

MUFG Investor Services Executive Committee is working with our Business Continuity Planning (BCP) team and with other internal partner groups, to monitor the impact of the virus, as well as provide employees with information on the most effective measures to protect themselves in the workplace and in public.

As part of the BCP process we have procedures in place to handle situations where a large number of employees would need to work remotely. These procedures are vetted regularly through simulations and testing. We have no concerns with the ability of our staff to work remotely should there be a prolonged period of disruption.

Conditions around the COVID-19 virus are likely to shift over the coming weeks and months. Not only are we committed to the safety of our staff but more importantly focused on our commitment to our clients and providing the highest quality service without disruption.

We will provide further updates as we continue to manage through this period.  Please rest assured that we are here to help you in this unprecedented and profound time.

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