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MUFG Investor Services Fee Modelling Platform

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Historically administrators have had fee calculations that do not fit within a core accounting system and needed to supplement their core systems with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. To solve the automated fee calculation gaps and provide client consistency, internal scalability, and knowledge transfer, MUFG Investor Services has been providing clients with our fee modelling platform. 

It provides a cell, columnar, and cube-based modeling framework making it very flexible and capable for a wide range of financial modeling applications. In addition to providing strong calculation abilities and a wide assortment of functions, it provides dashboards, actions/processes, audit trails, version control, maker/checker capabilities, granular user permissions, add-on tools like Excel or PowerPoint Add-in, and much more, making it a robust modeling solution.

MUFG Investor Services has developed a base template model for carried interest calculations (fund level and deal by deal), performance and management fee calculations that enables consistent inputs from our core systems and provides dashboards for user accessibility.


  • Integration to core administration systems for straight through processing.
  • Reduced model risk through systemization and removal of Excel from the model processes.
  • Standardization and scalability around performance calculation models as well as model inputs and outputs.
  • Centralization of performance fee model management to a core team of dedicated subject matter experts who work with administration teams for setup and ongoing support.
  • Business led tool with no IT development required.
  • Client-based web access through secure login for model interrogation and review.
  • Client scenario analysis for current and forecasted realizations through client view using real-time data.
  • Our platform can handle all fee types and models we have seen.
  • Improved accuracy and risk mitigation, providing our clients with a mirror image of their internal model to perform scenario-based forecasting as well as a website-based view into how carried interest is calculated.

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