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With over 1,800 staff and growing, MUFG Investor Services is always interested to hear from people who seek a challenging and dynamic role within one of the largest financial services groups in the world. Here’s 10 reasons below to join our team!

1. A supportive environment for everyone, no matter what phase of life they’re in

‘Welcome Back’, our return-to-work program, was designed to support those returning from an extended period of leave. We aim to make the experience of coming back to work a positive one, with a culture that allows working parents to fulfil their potential in their roles, and progress in their careers. We’ve got tons of local resources on our Parenting Hub, an assigned ‘buddy’ option, workshops to build manager awareness, and much more.

We offer maternity leave, antenatal and postnatal care, paternity leave, parents leave, parental leave, adoptive leave, and carers’ leave globally. Most recently, having previously been different across our global locations, we aligned our provision of paid paternity/parental leave in all regions to 10 days.

People work best when they can balance their work responsibilities with their personal life. MUFG Investor Services make every reasonable effort to try and accommodate flexible working requests, including working from home.

2. The individual qualities of each staff member is embraced

Through our vision and values, we strive to create an employee experience that not only promotes diversity and inclusion (“D&I”) but also embraces the individual qualities of each staff member.

At the beginning of our D&I journey, we chose to focus on 3 pillars: gender, LGBT+ and mental health and wellness. As part of our continued commitment to this, we carried out a D&I data exercise in 2020 that asked staff questions around their ethnicity, sexual orientation, first generation university, and so on. This was an important opportunity for us to get a better idea of diversity within MUFG Investor Services, so that we could be more effective in fostering true D&I going forward.

At MUFG Investor Services we are committed to creating an environment where all our employees feel valued and their skills are fully utilised, making it a place where people really love to work. A working environment free from harassment and bullying is essential to achieving this aim. Our Dignity and Respect in the Workplace policy, which includes mandatory training for all staff, is the foundation of making MUFG Investor Services a great place to work.  

3. Gender balance – nearly 50:50

Ensuring gender diversity at all levels in our organisation is a key focus for us. We do this by ensuring we have a strongly diverse pipeline of talent moving up the ranks, by exposing our top talent to value-add projects and mentoring – through our dedicated pay-it-forward mentoring program – and continuing to be transparent on the number of females in our Senior Manager roles. In addition to this, in 2020 we completed our first Gender Pay Gap calculations and D&I Data exercises to further understand how well we were doing, and we communicated these insights to all our employees.

Gender also forms one of our three D&I pillars which support our company culture, as it’s vital to our success, both as a business and as individuals, that we embrace the humanity of all genders. As a company overall, we’re split 49%:51%, female: male.

4. Promoting wellness and work-life balance

The mental health and wellbeing of all our colleagues continues to be a top priority for us at MUFG Investor Services, especially throughout the global pandemic. We’re fostering a supportive organization that recognizes that mental health affects us all in our lives, and for some is a daily battle which cannot be ignored and should never be stigmatized.

We have several location-specific assistance programmes that we encourage employees to use if they have concerns that affect their personal well-being and/or work performance. The services provide voluntary and confidential support to help resolve work, health, and life challenges.

Another impactful support mechanism is Mental Health First Aid. We’ve trained our own in-house Mental Health First Aiders who are a key component towards a safe, healthy workplace where mental health and physical health are valued equally.

We also make use of the Unmind app., have recently launched ‘The Mindful You’ program, which provides modules on ‘Beating Burnout’ and more, and wellness events.

5. LGBT+ inclusive workplace

Employees need to feel encouraged to bring their whole self to work without fear of negative impact to their career. We continue to raise awareness around the LGBT+ community, issues they face in the workplace, and accept and encourage diversity throughout the organization.

This year sees the launches of season two of ‘The Inclusive You’ program which provides global inclusivity training and is key to helping us all understand how we can create a better working environment and support our LGBT+ colleagues.

Most recently, as part of our LGBT+ pillar initiatives, we were very excited to launch a global, interactive, and fun social group: our LGBT+ Book Club!

6. Learning and development opportunities for all

The creation of a coaching culture at MUFG Investor Services has transformed the way we work and is embedded in everything we do.

We actively promote training, learning and development, and continuously seek to develop and deliver internal training courses to support the development of our employees.

Our custom-made Career Conversations Program affords everyone the opportunity to talk about their own development and create a career development plan which they own and drive.

MUFG Investor Services provides reimbursement of annual fees for membership of two recognized professional bodies and may also provide financial support to individuals wishing to undertake relevant continuing education courses (including study and exam leave).

7. A focus on the development of our people managers

At MUFG Investor Services we recognise that you may be great at your job, but managing people is an entirely new skill for many. Our Manager Development Program focuses on the long-term development of people management skills, developing our managers through a blend of 360 feedback assessments, reading, classroom-based training, online training, and coaching.

8. Competitive benefits and salaries

MUFG Investor Services provides all of its employees with an extremely competitive and attractive compensation package. In addition to base salary, there is a group medical insurance scheme, group pension scheme, reimbursement of professional subscriptions, paid holidays and assistance towards gym memberships.

9. Global mobility

Successful employees lead to successful companies. Our global presence allows us to provide exciting and unique opportunities to our employees as their careers progress. Secondment and office relocations are encouraged by the company for best practices, knowledge sharing and client service delivery.

10. Our hybrid working approach

We’ve established a busy working group and firm wide project to look at the future of work across MUFG Investor Services; specifically in relation to a hybrid working model following the success of the BCP activities we have put in place throughout the global pandemic.

We believe that with more staff working in this hybrid model, we’ll see increased engagement from staff which will lead to improved productivity, improved environmental impact, greater attraction and retention of talent, and better work life balance. One of our key considerations is how to remain connected and foster that sense of belonging, as we work to enhance our culture around this novel approach moving forward.

There are many more benefits of joining the MUFG team than we can fit into our tiny top-10-list! And, it’s not only the big things, like the expected benefits, that count. The small things are equally, if not more important: ‘Dress for your Day’ work attire, commuter schemes, service and culture champion awards, days off to volunteer and chartable matching, Staff Appreciation Week, social events, guest speakers, panels, interaction with our senior leadership team and the overall feeling of being part of the #MUFGunited family are what have made MUFG Investor Services the company that it is today.