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Securities Lending Services

Global regulation is changing the way markets, institutions and companies are operating and managing their financing. For example, in anticipation of the new U.S. regulations that will result in increased capital requirements for U.S. banks, some of these banks are in the process of reducing their short term financing positions. Likewise, Basel III and local regulators are putting pressure on counterparties worldwide to increase capital and decrease leverage, negatively impacting these institutions’ capacity in the repo market.

Ensuring the right partner for securities lending is therefore important for two reasons. Firstly, you need a partner who, at a time of regulatory change, has access to a suitable pool of counterparties and secondly, a partner who will ensure merits of utilizing a high-quality service – additional profit, stable funding and limited risk.

Why MUFG Investor Services?

MUFG has run a global securities lending program for over 20 years providing the highest level of client service and sustaining highly profitable lending performance. Our custom-made solutions match the various needs of our clients.

Benefits offered globally by our securities lending services include: