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AIFMD regulatory reporting

AIFMD Regulatory Reporting

The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) went live in July 2013 and has a significant impact on how managers operate their business and pay their staff, from capital requirements and remuneration to leverage, valuation and marketing. AIFMD transitional periods expired in July 2014, with AIFMD regulatory reporting deadlines for most regions, including Ireland, Luxembourg and the UK, beginning on 1 January 2015.

Does this apply to you?

AIFMD GuideEU managers with AuM that fall below a deminimus threshold of €100mn, or €500mn with a five year lock-up, do not require authorization but must still register. Non-EU managers that wish to begin or continue marketing to EU investors must be compliant via a ManCo or the relevant private placement regime(s). For a practical guide on the AIFMD and its requirements, please click here.

How can MUFG Investor Services help?

MUFG is building a number of solutions to assist managers, from fully complied, registered and authorized AIFMs, to firms relying on private placement regimes. Areas covered include: