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fund administration strategies and structures
Fund Administration

Fund Administration Strategies and Structures

Expertise and experience in all major global fund domiciles and structures from standalone funds to complex multi-layered, multi-jurisdiction hierarchies.

fund administration strategies and structures

Each of our global operations centers can assist you in structuring the most efficient and effective fund vehicles in the most appropriate jurisdictions for you and your investors.


A large North American based asset manager wanted to launch a UCITs fund in order to satisfy investor demand. MUFG Fund Services (Ireland) were engaged as Administrator and the terms of the engagement included the delivery of a NAV by 10am on a daily basis. MUFG Fund Services (Ireland) engaged MUFG Fund Services (Singapore) to provide reconciliations for cash, positions, unsettled trades, unsettled dividends and pricing. MUFG Fund Services (Singapore) are able to deliver these reports by 9am Dublin time due to the time zone advantage thereby allowing the Dublin team time to review & finalize the NAV ahead of their 10am deliverable.


The Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor program (QFII) was launched by the People’s Republic of China in 2002 to allow foreign investors access to its stock exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Prior to QFII, foreign investors were not able to buy or sell shares on China’s stock exchanges because of China’s tight capital controls. Foreign access to these shares is limited by specified quotas that determine the amount of money that the licensed foreign investors are permitted to invest in China’s capital markets. A QFII Client required a solution when a large institutional investor requested an onshore custodian and an offshore Administrator. MUFG Fund Services (Singapore), working with an onshore partner providing custody, came up with a solution to deliver the NAV on a daily basis in order to fulfill both the client and regulatory requirements.


A large Non-EU private equity client with Cayman Master Feeder structures, following the introduction of AIFMD, wished to continue distributing its funds in the UK. Following discussions with the client we proposed a solution. The MUFG Jersey office was able to set up a new Manco which complies with the AIFMD requirements and fulfils the client needs. The client would have been unable to continue distributing its funds in the UK without this solution. Since this solution, the client has continued to distribute its funds in the UK thus giving them access to a valued market.


A large client had an established master-feeder structure with Bermuda and Delaware feeders. A large ticket investment from a European Onshore investor would only be won if they could invest in a Luxembourg entity. MUFG, working with its partners, assisted in establishing a Lux SICAV SIF Feeder investing into the existing master, allowing a seamless bolt on for the client to access new sources of investment.


A large private equity/fund of funds client required multi-level reporting on a complex structure involving feeder funds, trading funds, SPV’s and tax blockers. Using an in-depth functionality of existing systems and custom built technology, MUFG was able to provide full position level reporting aggregated through the structure, providing full transparency reporting at each level.


A private equity client with a large number of SPV’s holding individual assets required a solution from their administrator for the entire bookkeeping of the SPV’s, day-to-day operational support to their team as well as the traditional private equity administration. Creating a tailored solution including placing staŽff working permanently within the client’s oŽffices, MUFG was able to perform the full middle oŽffice and accounting function allowing the client to realize material savings in staŽff costs.


A large North American based managed accounts and fund of funds platform wanted to replicate their oŽffshore structure in a regulated European environment in order to satisfy investor demand. The platform has over 100 accounts with weekly liquidity and full weekly NAV reporting needing delivery within 24 hours of the close of business each week. Working with MUFG they were able to establish an Umbrella Trust using the Irish Qualifying Investor Fund structure to be serviced out of our Dublin oŽffice.