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Litigation Fund


This particular client turned to MUFG for their fund administration needs, citing expertise in complex assets and the ability to craft a bespoke operational workflow as the main reasons. Working closely with the client, a substantial UK-based investment manager, MUFG was able to create a customized solution that fit with the reporting needs of the investment manager and investors. The most challenging part of the engagement was found to be the setup and maintenance of the litigation claims themselves; since no portfolio management system is built with such assets in mind, a tailored answer must be created.


In this case, MUFG leveraged their internal IT and operational professionals to come up with a streamlined technology solution to quickly and effectively create the assets in Advent Geneva. In addition, a custom file repository was created to securely store and manage the documents associated with the litigation.

An additional area of customization for the client was concerning their investor statements. Given the unique nature of the assets held in the portfolio and the reporting requirements of the investors, MUFG created client-specific investor statements to satisfy the demands of the fund’s stakeholders. Investors and their related advisors were thus able to receive the desired level of transparency from an independent, third-party source in a timely fashion.

Measurable Results

Despite a complex portfolio of esoteric assets, the client is able to work with a fund administration partner who not only understands their operational requirements, but also is able to provide a cost-effective, institutional-grade platform to satisfy the demands of their sophisticated investors. Ultimately, this easing of the back office requirements of the client allowed for heightened focus on investment management and decision making, the core focus of any money manager.

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