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In this particular situation, not only was the rapid growth presenting a challenge, but the client’s portfolio contained OTC assets, holdings which are not typically well-serviced by the majority of order and portfolio management systems on the market today. Requiring a technical and operational solution which would support the internal functions of the investment manager and streamline the daily reporting requirements, the client turned to MUFG.


As a provider of a front, middle, and back office offering using truly integrated technology, MUFG was able to deploy front office technology on the client’s desktop, allowing for real-time portfolio management in the front office while enhancing the middle and back office reporting abilities of the firm. In a variety of important areas, from trade execution to real-time valuation, daily internal deliverables to month-end NAV calculation, the process became faster and more efficient.

In addition, MUFG’s front office technology solution provided a wealth of new tools and reports that were previously unavailable to the investment manager. Notably, the client now had access to robust risk management tools which helped to satisfy the increased demands of their investor base. Also, the investment manager was able to quickly build ad hoc reports, run multi-variable scenario analysis, and craft embedded pre and post-trade compliance procedures, all valuable tools which were previously impossible.

Measurable Results

Perhaps most significantly, such a solution reduced the total cost of ownership for the investment manager as it dramatically dropped the internal technology development and maintenance requirements of the organization as well as decreased the number of staff that was needed to support the firm’s operational and accounting requirements. In this instance, best-in-class technology not only allowed the investment manager to quickly adapt to their new size, but also put in place a solution to handle substantial future growth without the need for an upgrade or switch of service providers.

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