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Fund Administration Client Case Studies
Fund Administration

Fund Administration Client Case Studies

The tougher your strategy and the more complex your structure, the more you will appreciate how we leverage our technology and expertise to deliver customized fund administration solutions. Read on below for a range of fund administration client case studies.

Metals, Futures and Physical Commodities

When asked to prove its capabilities, MUFG provided a proof of concept for this fund’s intricate trading strategy, allowing the client to see how leading technology and a superior operational workflow can be leveraged to create an ideal administrative solution. Read more

Insurance Linked Securities (ILS)

An investment manager does not become a recognized leader in their field quickly or easily, nor do they stay in that position without developing an edge. In order to stay at the top, reliable, timely, and consistent information from an investment manager’s fund administrator is essential to the front, middle, and back office. Read more

High-Frequency Trader

Investment managers that specialize in high-frequency trading have their own sets of unique requirements. Learn how we were able to lift the restraints on this client’s model by leveraging a detailed knowledge of high-frequency trading and a technology platform built to handle such enormous volume. Read more

Multi-Strategy/Private Equity

Multi-strategy funds have unique and heightened requirements given the diverse nature of their portfolios. A customized solution is often the most effective way to manage workflow, improve efficiency, and maintain quality while reducing total operational costs. Read more

Bank Debt/Credit

It’s no secret that bank debt/credit is complex and requires experience and expertise. In this case, an integrated front, middle, and back office solution on a single technology platform relieved operational and financial pressures and helped to create an institutional-grade offering. Read more

Litigation Fund

The portfolios of alternative investment managers are diverse to say the least, more so than ever before. The search for alpha generation leads to some distinctive asset classes and, while many service providers can handle a plain vanilla portfolio, it takes an extremely capable fund administrator with knowledge and experience in non-standard assets to handle a portfolio of litigation claims. Read more

Fund of Funds

Fund of funds offer many tangible benefits to investors, so it is no surprise that this model remains popular. However, there are several unique aspects to this area of alternative investments that demand the knowledge of an experienced, institutional-grade fund administrator. In becoming a strategic partner, such a fund administrator can offer equally tangible benefits to the investment manager. Read more