MUFG Investor Services

FX investment services
Foreign Exchange

Why MUFG Investor Services?

MUFG offers a wide range of FX services covering a variety of transactions and currencies, and can develop tailored solutions for clients whose specific needs fall outside the standard offering. These services are usually coupled with an umbrella service – custody, investment fund, fiduciary or cash management – and, typically, cover the following:

The above three services can be agreed separately on standing instruction basis if required by the client. Along with standing instruction, currency coverage and passive hedging are the other two main strands of MUFG’s FX service.

Standing Instructions

MUFG currently provides standing instructions for the following transactions:

Additionally for investment funds:

Currency Coverage

MUFG covers a wide range of currencies, differentiating between:

Passive Hedge

MUFG also offers FX passive hedge services which include the following: