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trustee and depositary services

Depositary Services

When it comes to asset accountability, the heightened expectations of regulators worldwide have created a longer checklist and a smaller pool of capable candidates. Investment managers not only need a partner they trust but one that regulators and investors hold in high regard.

Why MUFG Investor Services?

As a well-established global custodian with over 90 years’ experience, MUFG provides focused and innovative solutions for clients. Our highly experienced team has representatives on several industry bodies, meaning we are abreast of regulatory changes but more importantly, on what the implications of these are for our clients. At MUFG we take the time to understand every client’s requirements; developing a solution which is specific to their needs and in turn, building a long lasting relationship.

AIFMD Depositary Services

Under the AIFMD, all EU AIFMs will need to apply for an AIFM license and are required to appoint a depositary that will be responsible and liable for four key duties: cash flow monitoring; safekeeping; record keeping; and oversight. Non-EU AIFs being marketed into the EU, meanwhile, are permitted to a more flexible ‘depo-lite’ framework (i.e. under the private placement regime) in which the depositary duties can be carried out by one or more entitie(s).

UCITS Depositary Services

All UCITS funds have to appoint a depositary to ensure that the investors’ interests are fully protected. The depositary has two main functions, firstly to safe keep the assets of the Fund and secondly the Depositary has a fiduciary duty to perform oversight in terms of the various functions of a Fund. The appointment is made through a Fund’s board or the Management Company. MUFG is well positioned to provide these services and meet the anticipated changes in UCITS V regulation.