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Global Custody Services

Keeping financial assets safe while processing cross-border transactions within the global regulatory framework is a challenge few service providers can aspire to, let alone fully accomplish.

Of the options available to the client, only the global custodian can truly meet their requirements without restrictions. Using local agents would mean needing one agent for each market traded into, while ICSDs are less active in some trading platforms, such as limitations on certain equity trades. In contrast, partnering with a global custodian provides a single point of contact for communication with sub-custodians and other entities, as well as offering a wide range of services.

Why MUFG Investor Services?

Offering over 90 years of global custody services, MUFG is an established global custodian with total assets under custody of over $500 billion and an extensive network. MUFG is growing its network of local correspondent banks, enhancing its systems and further developing its highly trained and experienced professionals.

Strong Network

MUFG has built and continues to build an extensive global sub-agent network across almost 100 countries (as of July 2014), including:

Essential Services

All the key functions expected of a global custodian are offered as standard, with customised options also available. These services include:

Market Leading Web Platform

MUFG’s industry leading GlobeViewSM web portal offers a range of benefits, including: