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Single Manager
Single Manager

Single manager solutions

A significant shift is underway in the hedge fund industry. Mounting regulatory and cost pressures pose challenges to managers. Institutional investors are increasingly influential and new operational considerations are emerging. In this changing world MUFG Investor Services offers single fund managers security and comprehensive support.

Hedge fund managers are looking for new ways to deliver value to investors and improve alignment with their interests. They are designing customized products and fee structures to attract capital from institutions. Operational efficiency is being pushed up the agenda. Firms that embrace technology and continue to innovate will be best placed.

At MUFG Investor Services, we provide solutions for some of the worlds most powerful and sophisticated fund managers. Our flexible, comprehensive and global services leverage the strength and diverse capabilities of the wider MUFG network.

We provide exceptional service tailored to specific client needs. Our industry-leading solutions for hedge fund managers range from fund administration, custody, middle-office outsourcing, depositary and trustee services to securities lending, FX and banking services.

Our locations

Our offices are in strategic locations close to every major financial center. With experienced finance and accounting professionals on hand, round the clock and across the globe, we provide effective coverage in any jurisdiction. We have service centers in Canada, Cayman Islands, Ireland, Jersey, Luxembourg, Singapore and the United States along with business development offices in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, to ensure we support you throughout the investment lifecycle.

Overview of Services

Core administration services

Gathering, pricing, reconciliation and accounting of trade data in a 24/7 ‘follow the sun’ model to meet the requirements of our daily NAV processing environment. Transfer agency services.

Front office services

Extended portfolio management, real time portfolio p/l and desk level risk.

Middle office services

Independent pricing and OTC valuation, corporate action processing, transaction management, margin and collateral management, performance measurement and attribution and risk reporting and aggregation.

Web portal and reporting

Industry-leading web portal for tailored analytics and attribution client reporting.

Regulatory reporting

Comprehensive regulatory reporting capabilities including AIFMD Annex IV, Form PF, CPO-PQR, FATCA and EMIR.

Custody & depositary services

Extensive custody network across 100 countries. Depositaries in Luxembourg and Ireland, full Depositary / Depo Lite services.

FX & banking services

We provide FX services covering a variety of transactions and currencies and focused banking services with single web portal and extensive reporting capabilities.