LP Servicing

Serving asset owners, advisors, and allocators such as pension funds, insurance companies, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, fund of funds and wealth managers.

Our full-service global offering, which includes a number of optimized platforms, builds off our commitment to provide high quality service whilst delivering tailored solutions that are automated, transparent, scalable, and which meet the needs of our partners’ daily operating environments.

Services Offered

        • Investment set-up
        • Investment terms tracking and management
        • Daily monitoring of capital calls and distribution transactions
        • Transaction management for incoming notices
        • Transaction classification and commitment tracking
        • Payable/receivable and liquidity management
        • Payments, receipt monitoring and
        • Portfolio accounting
        • Daily pricing
        • Cash adjusted valuations
        • Valuation/capital account statement
        • Capital account reconciliations
        • Delivery monitoring and manager
        • Proactive monitoring of anticipated
          receipts and deadlines
        • Tolerance threshold monitoring
        • Accounting reports
        • Investments (SOI1, fee reporting, fund reference data)
        • Transaction/cash flow (transaction detail, FX2)
        • Performance (public market equivalent, IRR3, multiples)
        • ILPA4 Templates
        • Financial data (invested, cost, value, realized proceeds)
        • Reference data (industry codes, country, region)
        • Asset key performance indicators (revenue, gross margin, EBITA5)



        1 Schedule of Investments
        2 Foreign exchange
        3 Internal rate of return
        4 Institutional Limited Partners Association
        5 Earnings before interest, taxes, and amortization

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