ESG Solutions

MUFG Investor Services provides you with a comprehensive ESG solution that extensively analyzes, gathers, and aggregates data for both private and public markets to ensure the most robust coverage of your portfolio.


        • Through partnership with an industry
          leader, we assist with the creation and
          reviews of an ESG policy and responsible investing statement aligned to vision, mission, and regulatory requirements.
        • Support managers with evolving EU ESG regulatory requirements such
          as SFDR¹and PAI²
        • Produce a Taxonomy-alignment assessment, resulting in a percentage for the Fund, a key disclosure requirement for Article 8/93 products.
        • Assess the ESG controls and the sustainability profile of your underlying assets.
        • Evaluate exposure to exclusion industries, negative media exposure and/or the ability to deal with ESG-related issues.
        • Identify preliminary areas for improvement, paying specific attention to post-closing and certain potential strategic ESG value creation opportunities.
        • Comprehensive suite of ESG transparency reports for managers and investors to track investment performance in line with ESG characteristics.
        • Tailored reporting and analytics powered by integrated data feeds from the leading ESG data providers.
        • ESG data is mapped to portfolio, providing a top-level portfolio rating, highlighting top and bottom performing positions.
        • ESG risk assessments to uncover red flags and identify value-creation opportunities.
        • Comprehensive data collection service, starting at the pre-investment stage.
        • Ongoing data collection and monitoring service, tailored to industry, investment strategy and manager requirements.
        • Customized dashboards showing aggregated data at both company and portfolio level.


        1 European Union Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation
        2 Principal Adverse Impacts
        3 Article 8 and 9 under SFDR classification

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